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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tween/ teen Ownership

Greetings All!

Well its been craziness since the Hood River conference with our drive back to Nevada, with a sleep and a hike stop at Crater Lake, a day and a half of teacher meetings and then off to another workshop in San Francisco, this time for my main discipline- acting. promised...I'm going to focus on giving periodic ideas about yoga, kids ,yoga plus acting and yoga plus other cross discipline ideas.

So today's really fun tip! Teens and Tweens like nothing better than what? Yes, I know Taylor Lautner ( have you seen his abs????). Well I was actually thinking... their music. And I do mean their music..the stuff they listen to, share, and basically think any adult is crazy if they don't love it while at the same time think we are sort of crazy when we do. And who can possible keep up with the trends? Sorry too busy.

I know I get really jazzed when Masterclasses have "Good Day Sunshine" and the like. So why wouldn't they buy into classes with more enthusiasm when it's their music.

And how to get that music, you might ask???

As an acting exercise I asked my teen acting students to make me an 18 song mix on a CD- which I provided. Now for the acting end I asked for "The song that would be your theme song right now.", " The song that reminds you of your best friend", "A song that evokes an emotional memory"... But guess what else was on there? "The song that wakes you up and gets you moving" (Mountain 1), " The song that's really gets you pumped" (Mountain 2), "The song that calms you down" (Mountain 3). For the Savasana...I'm letting myself be surprised by some of the other acting questions I asked. But for a non acting class why couldn't you also ask for "The song that speaks honestly to you, about yourself". Oh-oh...just slipped in a Yama.

Then the fun. I took these home and made yoga mixes tailored for each class on ITunes as Playlists. I'll also use other tunes throughout our year for house music at our productions, and got a State Standard out of the exercise in using other mediums to express ourselves in the Dramatic arena.

Amazing results. They were so excited to make the CD's. Eager to hear their song played and sharing something of themselves with us all.

Hope this gets some equally great results for you all.

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  1. Karen, this is a great idea to get teens involved in the classes and to feel more empowered. LOVE IT!
    Gratefully, Steph