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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teachers Talk Yoga and Kids

Here’s what some of the teachers at Gatewood had to say about the YogaFit Kids! Program:

“Stephanie taught YogaFit Kids to my second/third grade classroom every week during the 2000-2001 school year. By incorporating Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences activities into the kids yoga practice, she kept the students active participants. I was quite impressed with Stephanie’s ability to engage all types of learners, in particular an autistic child. Many of the yoga asanas and breathing techniques were incorporated in our daily school day. Students and myself, the teacher, would find ways to calm down, focus, and re-energize with the practices we learned …I learned things I continue to use as I teach a third/fourth/fifth grade Emotionally Behavior Disorder Classroom this year. “
2003, Ms. Jamila Norris, Teacher
Gatewood Public School, Seattle, WA

“YogaFit Kids is fabulous! Each of my students looks forward to yoga with enthusiasm. This year with YogaFit, students who previously avoided movement and activity have taken leadership by demonstrating poses and even enjoyed playing yoga games. This transfers to recess and other fitness periods where these same students are now playing impromptu games of basketball and hockey! But YogaFit is more than just exercise. The students learn to cooperate with one another. They learn to be quiet and find peace in the middle of a hectic day. I use three deep group breaths now to help students transition to a new academic period. It works!”

2003, Ms. Rachel Harvey, 4/5 Grade Teacher
Gatewood Public School, Seattle, WA

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